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Not around much during the beautiful 2 months of Canadian Summer!

Occasional fangirling and constant tag-emoting are the game here. I blog about a bunch of stuff I love, though can admittedly focus on a few certain things from time to time.

Warning: This blog contains A Song of Ice and Fire spoilers. Hand-over-eyes scrolling recommended.

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warnerbrostv: GAME OF THRONES co-stars Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Gwendoline Christie share a look at the Warner Bros booth at Comic Con. ( x )

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I’m surprised to see you here, Rory, given what happened. You were left on the mountainside. Yeah, I can’t believe I’m here. Things weren’t looking too good last time I saw myself. (x)

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Brienne of Tarth sketch! Was in the mood to do a Game of Thrones piece! This was fun to do! Gwendoline Christie is such an amazing actress! Thanks for looking, cheers!

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Sheeps in rays by Marcin Sobas

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Rollercoaster Tycoon

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Bioware, you can make your sexy lady characters straight but you can’t stop me from flirting with them anyway.

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Semi Finals: Brazil (BRA) vs. Germany (GER)

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"He reminded me of my duty, when all I could think of was my rights. […] I was trying to win the throne to save the kingdom, when I should have been trying to save the kingdom to win the throne.”

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